Seminarian Education – $100,000

CSA RustyVincent
Seminarian Education provides our diocese with priests that will minister to our Catholic Community. Your support of the Catholic Service Appeal helped the thirteen men prepare for the priesthood so that they receive the academic and spiritual formation necessary to serve the people of our diocese.

“I want to say thank you for all of the support you give to me and the other seminarians. My education has been top notch, and I could not afford this education without your support. You have motivated me to continue on my journey to becoming a priest. Knowing that so many people are behind me and helping me allows me to see how people are living out the Gospel and this has given me the confidence I need to carry on.” -Deacon Rusty Vincent

Catholic Charities – $370,000

The Catholic Service Appeal provides support to Catholic Charities so they can reach out into the community particularly the poor. Catholic Charities offered direct assistance to over 29,000 men, women and children in need of counseling and healing services. Catholic Charities provides Parish Social Ministry that provides consultation to parishes about social concerns; they provide direct services, education, advocacy and empowerment.

“The marriage prep program has strengthened our marriage by equipping us with the tools we need to communicate effectively, to love one another through tough times, and to keep our marriage grounded in the Catholic faith. The Church gives us so many resources to enrich our marriage and our faith. It helps to know that we are not alone and we have help and resources available to us through Catholic Charities should we ever need them.” – Anna and Andrew Harris, St. Richard, Jackson

Campus Ministry – $50,000

The Campus Ministry program works with colleges around the diocese to help met the spiritual needs of our Catholic young adults, the future leaders of our Church. Students find a place where they can learn to grow in their faith through the celebration of Mass, campus and diocesan retreats, social gatherings and bible study groups. We surround them with a community of believers who share a desire to live a Christian lifestyle.

“The retreat strengthened my faith in so many ways. I thought it was amazing that we were able to bring schools from all over the state to come together and to know that we share the same beliefs. It fills me with joy when I see others so strong in their faith. Not only does it bring me joy, but it also inspires me. The speakers that we have had are simply amazing and just getting to hear their story is always so inspiring. This retreat reminds me that, while it is hard to be a Catholic college student, it can be done and that I am not alone. Others at the retreat can relate to particular situations and it’s so comforting.” – Virdiana Acosta- Ole Miss student from St. James, Tupelo

Mission Parishes and Schools – $60,000

Our mission parishes and schools are filled with people who are committed to our Catholic faith and committed to building a stronger Catholic community, but resources are scarce. Your support helped to subsidize many of our mission parishes and schools, provided many Catholics in Mississippi a place to worship and provided children an education based on the gospel teachings.

“Your support of the Catholic Service Appeal allows mission parishes and schools around our diocese to practice their Catholic faith. The principals and teachers at these schools are grateful for your support. It allows their schools to excel in academics.”

Formational Ministries – $111,000

Therese Prejean
The Lay Faith Formation Office provides training, retreats and certification for parish lay ministries and Catholic School teachers who are involved in catechesis, RCIA, Liturgy, Lay Ecclesial Ministry, Pastoral Ministry and more. This training provided both on-site and online.

“Before Spring Hill, I considered myself a faithful and knowledgeable Catholic. One class in, I realized how little I knew about this faith that I love. I could tell you what I believed but not why I believed it. The whole reason that I desired to work for the Church in the first place was that I wanted to help others experience the faith awakening that I experienced through Spring Hill’s program. My hope is that I’m “paying back” the Catholic Church by bringing others to this kind of awareness.” -Therese Prejean- St. Francis, Madison

Black Catholic Ministry Office provides formational leadership training to the parishes on evangelization efforts with the African American community.

Youth Ministry Office serves the needs of middle school and high school teens in the parishes and schools through youth work camps, Catholic Youth Organizations and scouts.

Hispanic Ministry Office reaches out to and initiates programs for the growing Hispanic population in our Diocese. The Diocese tents to the needs of the Hispanic population through liturgies, special celebrations unique to the Hispanic culture, and language relevant programming.

Priest Retirement and Clergy Assistance – $70,000

Your gift to the Catholic Service Appeal is a way of honoring those retired priests that have faithfully served our parishes and diocese for many years.  Even in retirement, many continue to serve by celebrating Mass, visiting hospitals and ministering to the sick.

Evangelization and Communication – $40,000

Worship and Liturgy Office assists parishes in planning liturgical ceremonies and coordinates diocesan liturgical events and the Bishop’s liturgies.

Diocesan Communication Office works through media, print and internet to promote the new evangelization by bringing the gospel message to nearly 18,000 Catholics in our diocese.  Your support helped to keep our Catholics up to date on local, national and worldwide Catholic events through our MS Catholic newspaper and website. “Your support helped to create the look of our new website which will be easily read on any mobile device.” – Mary Woodward, Diocesan Director of Evangelization and Communication