Seminarian Education – $150,000

Seminarian Education provides our diocese with priests that will minister to our Catholic Community. Your support of the Catholic Service Appeal helped the thirteen men prepare for the priesthood so that they receive the academic and spiritual formation necessary to serve the people of our diocese.


Catholic Charities – $350,000

African American woman holding infant girl standing against white background.

The Catholic Service Appeal provides support to Catholic Charities so they can reach out into the community particularly the poor. Catholic Charities offered direct assistance to over 29,000 men, women and children in need of counseling and healing services. Catholic Charities provides Parish Social Ministry that provides consultation to parishes about social concerns; they provide direct services, education, advocacy and empowerment.


Campus Ministry – $50,000

The Campus Ministry program works with colleges around the diocese to help met the spiritual needs of our Catholic young adults, the future leaders of our Church. Students find a place where they can learn to grow in their faith through the celebration of Mass, campus and diocesan retreats, social gatherings and bible study groups. We surround them with a community of believers who share a desire to live a Christian lifestyle.


Mission Parishes and Schools – $120,000

Our mission parishes and schools are filled with people who are committed to our Catholic faith and committed to building a stronger Catholic community, but resources are scarce. Your support helped to subsidize many of our mission parishes and schools, provided many Catholics in Mississippi a place to worship and provided children an education based on the gospel teachings.


Formational Ministries – $137,500

The Lay Faith Formation Office provides training, retreats and certification for parish lay ministries and Catholic School teachers who are involved in catechesis, RCIA, Liturgy, Lay Ecclesial Ministry, Pastoral Ministry and more. This training provided both on-site and online.


Intercultural Ministry Office is a newly created office that serves the needs of long standing and emerging cultural communities in the Diocese. . The Office’s constituencies include Black, Hispanic, Vietnamese, and Native American Catholics. Its mission will also include sensitivity to emerging cultural communities.

In 1978, Sister Thea Bowman, FSPA was appointed by Bishop Joseph Bernard Brunini to direct the Office of Intercultural Affairs for the Diocese of Jackson. In this position Sister Thea was integral in promoting cultural awareness and sensitivity. In that role, she balanced the challenge of encouraging Catholics to embrace our common faith while celebrate diverse cultural heritages.  With Sr. Thea’s example in mind, we have incorporated the Offices of Black Catholics and Hispanic Ministry to a re-envision Office of Intercultural Ministry.  In affirming the Diocesan Pastoral Priority to create inviting and reconciling communities.


The Office of Family Ministry works with parishes and missions to provide a variety of services that support and minister to families, whether these families are traditional, single parent, blended, or extended.  Many of these programs are focused on supporting couples, singles and senior adults. The following support ministries are offered:

  • Marriage preparation, remarriage preparation, and marriage enrichment support
  • Marriage and family counseling support
  • Natural Family Planning support
  • Divorce support
  • Grief and bereavement support
  • Caregiver guidance support
  • Mental Health First Aid support
  • Respect for life support

Priest Retirement and Clergy Assistance – $190,000

Your gift to the Catholic Service Appeal is a way of honoring those retired priests that have faithfully served our parishes and diocese for many years.  Even in retirement, many continue to serve by celebrating Mass, visiting hospitals and ministering to the sick.

Evangelization and Public Relations – $98,333

Diocesan Communication Office works through media, print and internet to promote the new evangelization by bringing the gospel message to all the faithful in our diocese.  Your support not only helped to keep our Catholics up to date on local, national and worldwide Catholic events through our MS Catholic newspaper and website, but also offered the Church’s teachings to the broader community. In the past three years, the department changed its name to the Department of Communications to better reflect the synergy of work being done online, in broadcast, media relations and in person. We reactivated the advisory council and are building a network of parish communicators to embrace our mission statement to “communicate the life and mission of Jesus Christ by encountering others in joy.”  Promotes the Catholic Church and the gospel message through media relations, public relations and multimedia efforts including broadcast and web-based communications.

Prison Ministry – $15,000

Prison Ministry provides counseling, spiritual guidance and bible study classes to the incarcerated.  Provides mass twice a month and special holiday meal celebrations.  Assists in obtaining and preparing volunteers for other prisons in our Diocese.


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